Saying farewell to Westeros- Every major spoiler and info about season 8 of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, the epic series phenomenon, is coming to an end.
Farewell will be difficult but if you feel unprepared below you will find that you need to know about the end of the Game of Thrones.The following text has gathered all the information, spoilers and leaks for the 8th season. If you did not see the warning in the title, the photo and the text, you do not want to know what will happen in the last season and you are still here, do not read under the spoiler alert. CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Basic information about season 8 :

When does it start:
HBO announced with the teaser Crypts of Winterfell that the premiere of the last season of the Game of Thrones will be on April 14, 2019.

Episodes: 6

Episodes duration: Director David Nutter said all episodes will be over 60 minutes. From HBO's official distributor in France, we learned that episodes 1 and 2 would be about 60 minutes while episodes 3,4,5 and 6 would last about 80 minutes.

Scriptwriters: Dave Hill (Episode 1), Bryan Cogman (Episode 2), David Benioff & D. B. Weiss (Episodes 3-6)

Directors: Miguel Sapochnik (Episodes 3 and 5), David Nutter (1,2,4 episodes), David Benioff & D. B. Weiss (Episode 6)

Directors of photography: Fabian Wagner (with Sapochnik), David Franco (with Nutter), Jonathan Freeman (with Benioff & Weiss)

Budget: About $ 15 million in the episode. Overall the season cost $ 90 million.

Payment of the five key protagonists Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), Lena Headey (Cersei), Emily Clarke (Daenerys) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) were $ 1.1 million for each episode of the 8th season.

Shooting Start: October 2017

Shooting End: July 2018

Shootings - Areas and dates: 
The last season of the Thrones game as a project was codenamed "Faith of the Angels"

Shootings done: 
  • Titanic Studios, Belfast: Filming began in October 2017 
  • LinenMill Studios, Banbridge: The shooting began in October 2017 
  • Moneyglass: November 2017 shooting with Unsullied 
  • January -March 2018 5-6 weeks shooting with battle scenes-30 shootings (Episode Sapochnik) Ballintoy: December 5-6, 2017: 2-3 days shooting in the hills near Ballintoy Harbor 
  • April 19-26, 2018: Shooting in the same area 
  • The Castle of Sane: January 18, 2018: Turning (Sapochnik episode) 
  • Iceland: January 28 - February 4, 2018: 1-3 Days Shooting (Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke), a drone shooting week (Nutter Episode) 
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia: February 6-8, 2018: 2-3 days of filming (maybe staged shooting?) (Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Haftor Björnsson) (Nutter and / or Benioff / Weiss episode) 
  • Saintfield: March 2018: Evening Shooting (10 Nights) (Episode Sapochnik) 
  • Magheramorne: March 15 - April 7, 2018: Huge Green Screen, Evening Shooting (Episode Sapochnik) 
  • Randalstown Forest: March 29, 2018: A day of filming 
  • Italica Spain: April / May 2018 
  • Outside setting at Titanic Studios, Belfast: Shooting started about April 20th 
  • Tollymore Forest Park: Shooting in May. 
  • Cushendun Caves: Spinning 7th and 8th June. 

  • In total, the night shoots took 55 nights

Castings - New roles for the 8th season 

Irish actress Danielle Galligan will portray a girl named Sarra. Note that the only person carrying Sarra's name is Sarra Frey, one of Walder Frey's granddaughters in Martin's books. Danielle Galligan will appear in one of the episodes directed by David Nutter, one of the 1,2 or 4.

Actress Alice Nokes (Eastenders) will also be featured in one of 1,2,4 episodes directed by David Nutter by playing a girl named Willa.

Both girls finished filming in November and photographed together. Very likely, therefore, to participate in the same scene.

Actress Laura Elphinstone will play a female character named "Nora".

Actor Seamus O'Hara will play a character called 'Fergus'.

Marc Rissmann (Last Kingdom) in the role of Harry Strickland, head of the Golden Company.

Polish actor Pavel Sakowski was involved shooting for Winterfell in the 8th season. Actor's shooting lasted 12 days late January to early February and included mainly battle scenes. It is likely that he will play a Golden Company general.

  • Casting for a 9-11 year old girl with sad eyes and neutral north accent to playing on an important scene with one of the main actors. The shooting of the scene took place on December 8 in Northern Ireland. 
  • Casting for a 35-50 mercenary aged 25-35, a beautiful and temperamental girl aged 18-25. 
  • A Northern Guards aged 18-25. 
  • A sailor aged 35-50. 2 new guards. 
  • Casting for a North Girl 8-10. 
  • A poor boy aged 8-12. 
  • Casting for a mother aged 25-30, poor in survival. 
  • Casting for twins aged 5-8 (for a character to be used by both children) to shoot for an episode with many scenes. 
  • Young Actor without more information.
  • 5 actors who will probably play small roles of villagers in the North 
  • A strong soldier 30-40 for a strong battle scene 
  • A young girl from a village who will be attacked. 
  • A 30-40 man who will turn a very emotional scene. 
  • A child refugee who will play a role in a fight (Sapochnik Episode) 
  • A Guardian (Sapochnik Episode)

Returning characters from previous seasons 

  • Return of Megan Parkinson (Alys Karstark) and Harry Grasby (Ned Umber). 
  • Return of Dolores Edd and members of Night'sWatch. One of the scenes that will return will include battle. 
  • Not confirmed return of Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully) and Lino Facioli (Robin Arryn) 
  • Return of Marei, the whore Pycelle didn't pay.
  • Mark Gatiss claimed in an interview that the character of Tycho Nestoris will not return to the 8th season.

  • The best is saved for last: according to Joe Bauer, head of the visual effects of the series, our beloved Ghost "returns and will do some very cool stuff"!

The first episodes: 

  • The first or one of the first scenes of the 8th season will start in Wintertown just outside Winterfell. (watchersonthewall)
  • According to the program of the first episode and the list of actors who leaked to participate in it (note that this list is not yet confirmed to be the oficial of 1st episode), we will see the return of Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully), strengthening the possibility that Jamie will head to the Twins to assemble an army before finally arriving at Winterfell.. Nikolaj himself, in his interview, said his trip would be long until he reached his final destination in Stark's castle.
  • Other surprise returns based on the allenged list, are Melissandre (Carice Van Houten) and Lino Facioli (Robin Arryn). Also, the presence of Megan Parkinson (Alys Karstark) and Harry Grasby (Ned Umber) on this list strengthens the possibility that Night King's army will attack their respective castles in the first episodes.

  • The first official photos released by HBO hid an important spoiler. Jon Snow's photo shows him outside the wall of Winterfell, he is supposed to oversee the castle's defense preparations. According to EveryFckngChicken the photo belongs to scene 29 of the first episode, that is, one of his last scenes. Case: If Jon supervises the work at Winterfell at the end of the episode it means that he gets to the castle from the first episode and all the reunions are done inside it! Get ready for a strong, exciting premiere!

  • After the teaser with Sansa to welcome Daenerys to Winterfell, it is almost certain that in the first episodes we will have many character conflicts and discussions about politics and strategy since North will not accept the Targaryen queen easily. Since the third episode of course they forget all of this since all hell breaks loose .. 
  • It is certain that Cersei will miscarry, the scene was already in the 7th season script but at the last minute it was decided to hold for the 8th season. So it's quite possible to see Cersei miscarries in one of the first episodes.

  • In the first episodes we are definitely waiting for the revelation about Jon's true parents and the reactions it will bring. 
  • Tormund and Berick are alive after Night King's attack on EastWatch. Both actors are included in the list of the first episode and were spotted in Belfast where the shooting takes place.

  • Gendry was not with Tormund and Beric when the wall fell, but instead traveled with Jon and Daenerys on the ship to Winterfell. The information slipped during an interview with the actor who also said he will have many important scenes in the 8th season.
  • In the early episodes, there is a great chance we can see Theon saving Yara. According to an extra that talked in 4chan and the leaked photos of Ironborn corpses in Winterfell set, Theon in the third episode will be at Winterfell where he will take part in the battle. At the end of the seventh season, Theon went off to save Yara while Euron would go to Essos to bring the Golden Company. We know that Alfie and Gemma shot in Banbridge without Pilou, so we can assume that the shooting was about rescuing Yara as Euron is off to Essos. They also filmed at Ballintoy Harbor, which had previously been used as Pike Harbor. In conclusion, it is likely that Theon will save Yara in the first episodes to return to Winterfell in episode 3 to help Jon.

  • In one of the first episodes we will see a scene between two main characters inside the Winterfell crypts.We don't know which two characters it will be, but sources say they will have a conversation about Jon's real parents that will be interrupted by a loud horn blowing (possibly signaling the start of the Winterfell battle). The day the scene was shot in Belfast were Kit, Peter, Maisie, John. (watchersonthewall)
  • In the first episodes Unsullied arrive at Winterfell and then Daenerys, at the prompt of Bran, sends some of them to Castle Black to help defend the castle from Night King.  (lossietereinos)
  • In Winterfell we will see preparations for the defense of the castle against White Walkers. 
  • David Nutter said he would not see time travel in his own episodes (1,2,4). (Reddit David Nutter AMA)

  • We will see Night King's army from the first episode, and up to the third his army number will have reached enormous proportions, and Nights Watch and Wildings  (lossietereinos) will be added to the army. There have also been reports that extras cast as Nights Watch members received special training for battle scenes. So it seems that in the first episodes we will see the army of dead people attacking members of Nights Watch possibly at Castle Black. Hang in there Edd ...

3rd Episode Hell in WinterFell 

In Winterfell we will have the biggest fight of the season after it seems that it will get two attacks at the same time! The big fight is expected to be featured in episode 3, directed by the master of epic battles, Miguel Sapochnik. According to James Hibberd of EW, the third episode battle will last for over 40 minutes, even more battles we've seen in blockbuster movies like Star Wars! Vladimir Furdik, the actress who plays Night King, said that in the 3rd episode we will see the GOT's most epic battle, while Peter Dinklage said that this battle would make the battle of bastards look like a playground!

We have seen the Winterfell set expand to enormous proportions this season. The new set was built to allow for a 360° perspective, rather than just building the part of the set where the actors would be standing (as it was in previous years). At the new expanded set, we have also seen trebuchets and defense mechanisms, tons of dead body props from Dothraki, Unsullied, Wildings and Northmen, and not only blood in the snow around the castle, but even in its turrets

As we have already mentioned, Theon will take part in the battle of Wintefell. Photos from the set of shooting the battle there are Ironborn corpses. The actors who had the most time shooting were Kit Harington and Maisie Williams.

The castle will be under siege by people most likely from the Golden Company or part of the Lannister army. If we combine photos and what people claimed that worked as extras on the set, the Castle is first attacked by Cersei's army (GC or Lannister), and then the Night King army appears to finish the job. In the shooting we saw the castle burning and dozens of props of corpses that were probably burned (they had a golden-yellow paint on them) but we do not know who is responsible for this, dragons or soldiers. The fire at Winterfell will destroy much of the castle.

Episode 3 or 5 The mysterious night shooting

Much of Sapochnik's night filming took place at the Magheramorne Quarry. The information is not clear on whether these battle scenes will be held in the North or Kings Landing. However, it is certain that this will involve an attack by the Night King's army, as many actors who took part in this shooting wore bright green which, with the help of special effects, will allow them to become wights. In the same set there were also a big number of props consisting of people's bodies, wights, Unsullied, Ironborn.

In another leaked video, we saw horses whose riders had the same bright green clothing they use for CGI wights. And here we see a mighty fight with one person battling against several others.

In the most impressive of the videos leaked from shooting, we see three warriors with flaming swords fighting, so apart from Berick in the 8th season two more people will get swords that are flaming. Any guesses?

According to watchersonmyballs (who leaked a number of photos from the 55-night shoot) Melisandre returns and somehow manages to turn the dead against the Night King, stopping the Night King temporarily, but not defeating him. Melissandre probably dies. According to the same source, during the night shoots, Jaime and Brienne fight side-by-side against the wights (this bit was also confirmed by lossietereinos) . watchersonmyballs claims that Jaime dies in the hands of Brienne.

Final Kings Landing Showdown

The massive new set for Kings Landing in Belfast took 6 months to build, cost more than a million dollars, and will remain open for visitors/tourists in the future. More than 600 extras took part in the shooting at Kings Landing.

Above the main gate, a tunnel has been built inside the set, which strengthens the long-suspected possibility that there will be an intense chase scene that ends with a character rumoured to be Arya escaping though a tunnel in Kings Landing.

The main gate was decorated with a Lannisters banners. The gate, during the filming, was destroyed and the banners were gone. Unusullied and Dothraki soldiers took part in the same shootings, indicating that Kings Landings would be entered either the violent or peaceful way by the Daenerys army and Jon Snow.

Kings Landing will be burned by a dragon (we do not know by whom). Pictures and videos show a green screen and fire in the castle's setting.

The green screens, which means adding special effects, show us the Kings Landing locations where they will have the most impressive scenes.

Photo of the Kings Landing set with the great gate completely destroyed by fire. The fire seems to have completely destroyed the top of the gate towers, so is it dragon the one who burns the gate and invades Kings Landing?

Also, a magnificent dome was built only to burn a little later.

In a commentary from the previous season, Steve Kullback, the special effects producer, said that while initially the room with the map on which Cersei walked had a roof, he was given the order to have no ceiling and to have clear view of the sky, so this detail might play an important role in a scene of the 8th season. "We need to see the sky" was the phrase used by Steve Kullback. We still don't know if he meant the scene where snow fell on the map room at season 7 finale or this is meant to play a bigger part in season 8.

As the days of filming continued, we saw the entrance of Red Keep painted in a white color that we had never seen before in this castle. Was this white paint some kind of primer or might this be the color Kings Landing will have when the war is over?

From the Irish set we go to Dubrovnik, the city whose castle was used many times in the past for Kings Landing set. There we had a series of very interesting shootings. In the city, Kit Harington was found on the first day of shooting, and perhaps John Brandley and Isaac Hempstead after seeing their autographs from Dubrovnik fans on the internet without being confirmed if they are authentic. Photos were leaked showing Kit Harington shooting with two mysterious guards in black clothing.

The following day the shooting was a great surprise: Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister together! Important details: Cersei does not wear a crown on her head while Jon and her are chatting. The director David Nutter was present on the scene as well as the producers of the series who are responsible for the direction of the last episode, so there is a great chance that this scene will be from the finale, but because the producers generally have a very active role in the shooting we can not be sure. Some claim that perhaps the scene was set for the paparazzi and would not be a season 8 scene. But two such big stars as Lena and Kit did not go to Dubrovnik without a reason. Even if the scene with the window is a lie, there might be some scene they filmed there together and if that is the case,  Jon is in the North until the third episode, so he may meet Cersei in Kings Landing from the second half of the season onwards.

Also in Dubrovnik, Cersei's sleepless guard the Mountain.

Season's most important spoiler! Jon Snow's loose curls are back!

Also in Dubrovnik we saw preparations for filming for the 8th season a well-known location, the pier we had seen Shae and Sansa in the 3rd season.

Kings Landing and Bran Visions: 
There are two scenes we expect to see in the 8th season through Bran's visions. 

- The first scene has to do with the vision Bran had seen in episode 4.2. A dragon flies over Kings Landing. Even if you watch the chimneys of the houses, there is smoke, which means the weather is cold but what confuses things is that there is no snow in the roofs of the buildings. Snow has begun to fall since the end of the 7th season, the Daenerys dragons are heading to Wintefell and will reach the end of the season back to Kings Landing, so logically there should be snow on the roofs. We have not seen this vision yet and it is certain that it will be part of the scene of the 8th season but it will be from the present, the past or the future? And how can Bran see this from a dragon prespective? Does this mean that he "will never walk again but he will fly"?

-The second scene we might get to see in season 8th although not confirmed, was revealed through the backstage photos of the seventh season that were published at EW. In the photo we see the crew filming Tommen's suicide from front and not from behind as we saw it in the 7th season finale. In fact, we see the outside of the window and the details of the rest of the scene that may suggest they only filmed it from different angles and then decide which to use in season 7 or that the scene was filmed from the front because its possible we will see it from another point of view in the 8th season when Bran in his vision will see Tommen fall out of the window.

In conclusion, Jon will be at some point back in Kings Landing, in episode 5 we will have the great battle that will include Dragons,  human Army and the Night King army. When the battle begins, Cersei will no longer be a queen. The city will be burned and many people will die by fire.

Dragonpit 6th episode Finale 

Filming took place in Spain in the ancient amphitheater Itálica, which we saw as Dragonpit in the seventh season and in the old royal shipyards of Seville, which were last used for shooting the seventh season for the underground of Red Keep. The shooting information shows that there was one of the most epic scenes of the season that came and this scene will be seen in the 6th and last episode. In Spain, many actors came from the main cast of the Game of Thrones, but they are not sure who took part in the shooting and who took part in a documentary that was filming at the same time.

Unsullied soldiers that took part in the Dragonpit shooting

On the same days in Seville, the body doubles of Kit, Sophie, Peter, Gwen and Jacob were found, which may mean that the characters they play are more likely to be found in Dragonpit. But things get mixed up as many believe that GOT producers used shooting in Spain to fool the audience.

Of all the doubles, only the double of Greyworm is more likely to participate in the scene and hence the character to be alive until the 6th episode, as Freefolk Redditors have discovered that he also refers to his resume in the agency that represents him. 

The scene at Dragonpit was shot under great secrecy, and only the fact that the producers brought actors from every part of the world just to confuse the audience shows how important this scene is. The only information we have so far comes from Spaniards Frikidoctor and Javi Marcos who say that in Dragonpit Tyrion's trial was filmed! (Read below to see in more detail what they claim)

Information from other filming and interviews: 

  • Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke filmed together in Iceland, its speculated it might be a scene beyond the wall but not confirmed. The scene was filmed under extreme secrecy and no one knows what the couple will do beyond the wall (if that is the case), since the Night King has gone through it and there is no one beyond it. After much searching by reddit, it seems that the original information that HBO let go of, that Emilia and Kit were found in Iceland just for a photo shoot, was a cover up. Actual shooting was performed using drones and special effects. 
  • We will see Highgarden again in the 8th season.
  • Lena Headey in a recent interview said that the last scene she turned (but not necessarily the last scene of Cersei) was to run up and down stairs.

  • And Kit Harrington said in an interview that the last scene he turned was to run up and down stairs. Are the actors trolling us or is it a scene of the 8th season where Jon and Cersei are practicing on the steps? 
  • Actress Rebecca Van Cleave, who was Lena Headey's body double for the Walk of Shame, said she would return the 8th season. 
  •  In an interview Peter Dinklage said the last scene he filmed (not necessarily the last of his turn) was very emotional and included an actor who started the series as a child and grew up in it. So he was talking about one of Sophie, Maisie, Isaack.
  • Gleganebowl is coming! The Mountain on his Instagram account said that his favorite scene from the whole show comes in the 8th season, can you think of a more epic scene from his duel with Oberyn Martell? Only one comes to mind ..

Mountain also said that this season he used a body double for the dangerous scenes for the first time and Michael Homick claims on his imdb page that he was the stuntman who filmed these scenes (episodes he is listed are 5 and 6) . We assume that such scenes will have to do with the duel we all expect ...

  • In the Wrap Party that was held for the end of the series, some saw a sigil with the combination of Stark and Targaryen.

  • Actors who took part in shooting were given this gift depicting a wolf and a dragon.

The first glimpse 

The first picture from the new season came in early November by EW magazine and shows the royal couple embraced. The photo was shot during filming in Iceland.

  • The first scenes of the 8th season were released in an HBO promo and show Sansa to welcome Jon back to Winterfell.

  • Drop by drop we see the rest of the scene as in a next HBO promo we get to see Sansa welcome Daenerys this time telling her that Winterfell is hers.

  • Within the promotion  we also had a mini spot to promote the previous seasons. The actors, however, seem to have film it while wearing clothes of the 8th season, most likely being shot in same days as the next teaser Crypts of Winterfell.

First Teaser for the 8th Season was Dragonstone and it reminds the Sigils teaser of the 7th Season.

  • Second teaser Crypts of Winterfell that caused  a lot of debates and theories.

  • A gorgeous tapestry teaser by HBO ASIA

  • The first photos of the season were published by HBO on February 6th. A total of 14 photos featuring the protagonists of the series mainly in shots from the first episodes:

Probably the most interesting photo is Jaimie wearing probably Northern armor.

Arya's photo also was talked about a lot, its proven by the later released promo by HBO that she is looking at Drogon

  • But also the image of Jon and Dany that we do not know if its from when they arrive at Winterfell or from the shooting in Iceland.

  • Latest HBO promo shows only a few seconds of Drogon and Unsullied arriving at Winterfell while Arya is seeing a dragon for a first time.

-Part of the Dothraki army will get sick and the dead will turn into wights. A very strong reputation spread to reddit by some who claim to have internal information. So far it has not been confirmed. 

-According to his instagram account, Wilf Scolding (Rhaegar Targaryen) was found in Belfast at the time of filming. He deleted the photo very quickly, which reinforced the reputation that he was there for shooting probably a flashback. The last time we saw Rhaegar we learned his wedding with Lyanna and the name of Jon Snow. What you think we will learn this time?

-There were also rumors about Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon), Sean Bean (Ned Stark) Jason Mamoa (Khal Drogo) were in Belfast, returning for the 8th season - in flashback. Most likely, however, they were found in Belfast for the wrap party or for the special festive show that was filmed then and will be screened after the end of the season.

-According to their presence in shooting the most shooting time in the 8th season had Kit Harington, Maisie Williams and Nicholas Coster-Waldau. 
Sophie Turner had the less time of filming, which had created rumors that Sansa Stark would die until the middle of the season. But that does not seem to be true as Sophie Turner said she made her last shooting for Game Of Thrones in Seville, Spain, which means she is alive at least until the beginning of the 6th episode. (if you believe what she says)

What Reddit says 

Reddit Freefolk Sub has not leaked the whole season scenario as last season. But there was a leaker who had given information before some shooting and eventually it turned out to be true. We do not know if the rest of his information is correct but we list you to know what's on reddit. So, according to boatsexbaby (yes, he picked this nickname) this is the summary of what he knows will happen: 
Episodes 1 and 2 have more to do with  reunions / political developments. 
Episodes 3 and 4 are the battle in Winterfell and aftermath. 
Episode 5 is about battle / rebellion / chaos. 
Episode 6 is the epic finale of the Great War and the epitome of the "Dream of Spring".
There will be crazy travel in the season - the characters will be where the plot requires, whether it makes sense or not, based on the time travel logic. If you want to enjoy the season, you have to accept it.
John / Dani's relationship will withstand the revelation of his parents. They will battle the Night King together to the end. 
Wintefell will be attacked by Cersei's army. Night King and the army of the dead arrive to give the final blow. Wintefell "will fall" and the survivors will go south. Night King arrives at Kings Landing and the whole city gets burned.T
"Cleganebowl" will actually happen and it will be epic. 
Episode 6 will have the "Dance of Dragons" between Dany / Drogon and NK / Visseron. It will be one of the best moments in the season. John / Rhaegal may be involved (or not) in all this. 
The scene at Dragonpit is in episode 6 and will "blow our minds". 
NK / Others are not just WMDs out of control. Their motivation will be revealed, and will tie all the scenes that White Walkers have been since 1X01 so far. Disclosure and its outcome will be worthy of admiration. The baby from the boat sex will be the endgame.

What does youtube say 
On youtube there are some who when the leaked 7th season script came out in reddit they presented it as their own leak. And since then every week, they release new videoswith fake leaked scripts for the 8th season. 
The only reliable leaker on youtube that has provided information about the past seasons that no one else had was  Frikidoctor. Also Excellent Val's of  Because Geek who may not have actual leaks like our Spanish friend, but she's great in linking information,spoilers and joining the pieces of the puzzle.

What the Spaniards say 
For the past three years, Spanish Frikidoctor (youtube) and Javi Marcos ( have proved to give legit spoilers. According to what they have learned from their sources for the 8th season, they insist that: 
-When the dragon is attacking Kings Landing, Cersei will no longer be a queen. 
- Tyrion will be responsible for burning thousands of Kings Landing residents. 
- One of the scenes of the 6th episode will be Tyrion who will walk on the streets of Kings Landing that will be filled with burnt corpses of people. With him will be Davos and Jon.
- From this scene comes the conclusion that Jon will survive all the battles until the last episode.
- Tyrion will be executed after trial for betrayal. 
-The revelation of his betrayal will be a big scene between 5 characters: Jon, Arya, Sansa, Daenerys and Tyrion. 
-Its surprising Jon and Dany not to be present on the scene of Tyrion's trial. What may have happened to them not to attend something so important? 
- Kit Harington did not take part in any shoot as she was in Seville while Emilia Clarke did not even go to Spain.
- The Spaniards claim that the scene of the trial is the only scene shot in Seville. The characters that were there were Tyrion, Davos, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Sam, Brienne, Robin, Gray Worm, Yara Greyjoy along with Unsullied guards and two new characters, one with golden armor and the other bearded and wearing green clothes. For the two new characters: the Spaniards assume that the owner with the beard and the green clothes can even be Howland Reed while that with the golden armor is either part of the Golden Company or someone of the Dorne, while the role will be played by Toby Osmond.

Toby Osmond and Peter Dinklage during a filming break.

Lino Facioli, who is also in the Dragonpit scene according to Frikidoctor and Javi, is following Toby Osmond on instagram.

Friki and Javi speculate that Tyrion's decision that will lead to the death of thousands of people will be a decision that will not be absolutely correct or wrong, and will divide the public. They also speculate Jon will be the one who will kill Tyrion by decapitating him!

The End 

According to statements by the actors, the last season will have the most deaths, while the producers of the series pointed out that beloved characters will die and some will be resurrected as wights. All  statements agree that the end of the GOT will be unexpected, touching and will not fulfill all the wishes of the viewers since they can not all be satisfied.

When the actors read the last pages of the script, "everyone in the room was crying" and "applauding standing". Kit Harington admitted that he was crying twice during the table reading and Emilia Clarke when she received the script and read the end came out of her house and walked for hours trying to calm down.

James Hibberd of EW, who has been covering the Game of Thrones for years, was also in this year's shooting and said he was surprised to see what characters survive as the finale and who did not. For the end he said what you want at a finale is the things to be unexpected to be surprises and twists but at the same time to have a built up not to have surprises only for the shock, you want to feel that the plot was built to lead you to the surprise so you can look back and say yes Now I see how we got there And in the last season of Game of Thrones it's just that.

The books author GRR Martin  has only given two main clues about the end , one is that the third and last major twist will be close to the finale and that the end will be "bittersweet".

*Special thanks to the amazing Freefolk, to the wild heart KaySen762 , to the gem that is Frikidoctor , to the always helpfull Ks427236 and EveryFckngChicken,  to the incredible Jo and to johnsonain  for his help in editing. The journey with you was a blast.

More sources of photos, videos and tweets: aredpriestess IrishThrones oakleafphotography Davy Orr

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